Of Infamy And Pride

by Anacryptic

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Ludek Lacko
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Ludek Lacko Incredible technical BDM with great songwritting....and guitars on this album?-delight.
Looking forward for CD..and next record. Favorite track: Pilgrimort.
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released July 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Anacryptic Medellín, Colombia

Band from Colombia (Medellín), formed in 2012. We attempt to play Technical Brutal Death Metal.

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Track Name: Detrimental Manipulation
Ridiculous standards force fed through the media
Carving people's minds unable to meet them
Weaklings and well-trained sheep have never been more alike
The purpose of our lives are just implanted lies
Falsity is then the only way left
To cope with the demands the Market creates
Enculturation dictates it's not what you are but what you seem to be
What guarantees you the position of a well-honored being.

Look at me eating, look at me shopping
More like look at me enjoying the path of dishonor
Consuming delusions, accomplishing failures
Devoting our lives to a system of chaos.

The masks that we use to hide who we are
Have slowly become our very demise
We've crafted them so perfectly for everyone else to see
That we think that's how we should be.
Identities defined by social media content
Not giving a damn about selling our souls.
Track Name: Hypocrisy Of The Civilized
Masks carefully crafted and meticulously worn
Devoted to hide the essence with which we are all born
Attempting to like, attempting to care
All those to whom we don't matter, to whom also fake
Reproducing ideas standardized, regurgitating ideals
Shallowness presented as humanity's ultimate goal.

Question whether this is the reality we're bound to live
Or just the stage designed for us to ignore what's really there
Religion put there to make you feel closer to a heaven
That only the judgmental have proven to deserve.

Hidden under the veil of normality remains the essence we all keep
We're nature's ultimate predator, we're nature's ultimate freak
The one specie that kills, rape and pillage for the sake of it
Stop justifying and start dealing with it.

We're all lost into this capitalized chaos
In this spirit-killing reality.
Track Name: Pilgrimort
Pilgrims practitioners of the darkest religions
raping and killing in the farthest regions
they all want to enslave you in every possible way
to keep you subjugated and enter their game

They have stopped acting while using a mask
'cause people are too busy to stand for their rights

It's not only money or gold what they want
but power to decide what to do with your life

These pilgrims of death are called nation leaders
they dress neatly, smell nice and smile everywhere
they treat us like children with their ignorant chit-chat
In order to convince us to follow their ways

At the end of the day no one questions life
Whether one's happy with the way things are
Everyone's too worried figuring out how to survive
That they forget in the first place to understand why

The pilgrims of death don't protect where they live
They can't imagine the future after they're dead
Track Name: Systematically Abducted
A crying face, a dying phrase
A screaming soul, a broken mouth
The sadness on joy and the darkness in light
Can you reverse a shattered glass?
Can you foresee the unknown, can you avoid the likelihood?

The moment we seek for profoundness we realize
How big of a stage everything has turned into
We have stopped being creatures in harmony
We're no longer part of anything besides destruction
Since we've thrown ourselves so far from this world
That self-preservation ceased to be the paradigm
We're supposed to be inherently be born with.

It's plain pointless seeking for meaning in falsity
For it defines the reality forced through our eyes
Detachment from it all becomes the only answer
To objectively find the true point of our existence
The spirits of nature are long gone from civilization
After being vehemently ignored by them modern men

Once everything goes to hell
Once your beloved possession rot in mud
What will define you? What will you worship?
We've been so wrongfully tricked
We've been abducted from ourselves
Track Name: Self-Indulged Conformity
When the burden of life has no longer
that sweet and sour taste of joy
you realize that you've come to face
what your education never told you at school:
That "we're all winners" bullshit is over,
cause failure could easily shape your life
either you become stronger or die in the path
And no one really wants you to survive

Self-indulged conformity is what they expect from us
We're being constantly and systematically brainwashed
Education, entertainment, politics, religion and so on
All devices of delusion run by those who own it all
No one dares to believe
what lies beneath reality
Even though it makes
more sense
than reality itself
Cause what seems to be true is what they use to get to you
To make you feel safe while you are always being screwed.

Behold society's great supremacy in the world
Intelligence piled up through history devoted to destroy it all
What will be the value of money when there's nothing else to buy?
Such ignorance disguised for our arrogant demise